We help you prepare for the worst. Have you kept your frameworks, procedures + resources up to date?

We work closely with clients in industry and government to establish an all-hazards approach to comprehensive, well-defined emergency preparedness, crisis management, emergency response, business continuity, and consequence management plans that span all critical phases — from mitigation and emergency preparedness to response and recovery.

Emergency Management Plans (EMP) Assessment + Development

  • Assessment, update, or creation of your emergency preparedness and crisis management plan
  • Alignment of the EMP with your current emergency management capabilities as well as the National Response Framework, including the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Recommendations on the most attractive and critical opportunities for improvement, in the near-term and over time


  • Close collaboration with your teams to develop a preparedness plan to manage unexpected security emergencies that require swift decisions
  • Planning to counter risks associated with severe weather and other natural events, leadership crises, technological incidents, workplace violence and risks to your entity’s mission, brands, performance and reputation
  • A focus on ensuring that your business or agency can continue to perform essential functions under a wide range of circumstances

Organizational Resilience Strategies

  • Resilience strategies that help you anticipate, adapt and quickly recover from unforeseen and unplanned events
  • Field-tested, practical and proven methodologies to evaluate your organization’s resilience characteristics, core capabilities and critical dependencies
  • Integration of key security, emergency management and business continuity priorities into a robust and highly customized action plan

Operational Security (OPSEC) Planning

Integrated planning approach to operational security and the critical components that support continuity of operations planning (e.g., physical and technical security, personnel security, cyber security) and continuity of operations components (e.g., essential functions; orders of succession; delegations of authority; continuity facilities; continuity communications; vital records management; human capital; tests, training and exercises; devolution of control and direction; and reconstitution).

Active Shooter Response Planning

  • Creation of a customized plan to prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from an active assailant or shooter incident
  • Established either as a stand-alone plan or, preferably, integrated within the organization’s broader Emergency Management Plan