Draw on our real-world knowledge in code compliance + local AHJ requirements

Whether a project is a renovation, addition, tenant fit out, or new construction, all facility designs are subject to compliance approval by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Our engineers and consultants review your work during the building design phase to verify fire protection, life safety, and accessibility code compliance is achieved to maintain project schedules.

Plan Review

To ensure timely building permit approvals, it’s critical to know code requirements and to have a clear understanding of the AHJ’s expectations. We review design drawings for compliance with the life safety, fire protection, and accessibility requirements of the codes and standards. Fire protection, contractor shop drawing submittals, fireproofing and fire resistance-rated assemblies submissions are reviewed.

Inspection + Testing

Hidden deficiencies that aren’t caught before an inspection can lead to penalties, fees, or even a loss of accreditation. We can inspect fire suppression, fire detection and alarm, smoke control, passive fire protection and other life-safety systems prior to final acceptance testing by the AHJ. When possible, we can develop alternative design and methods of construction for submission to the AHJs.

Performance-based Design + Peer Review

Performance-based design is an essential tool used by fire protection engineers to demonstrate a buildings’ fire safety performance where prescriptive-based codes may result in design restraints. Our engineers, subject matter experts, provide an independent review of the analyses to verify the appropriate application of fire protection engineering principles to the design of buildings and structures.